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Spring Book Fair


3/6/23, 3:00 PM


3/10/23, 7:00 PM

Spring Book Fair

It is time to welcome the Spring Book Fair to Gold Rush. Mrs. Golish and the fair coordinators have been getting everything ready for this library fundraiser. Book Fair will be Monday through Friday, March 6th through 10th, and hours will vary. All proceeds from book sales directly benefit the maintenance and expansion of the GRE library. Students will be able to access the bookfair with their classroom during assigned times during the week, before/after school and during lunch/recess. Cash, check, and credit are accepted as well as eWallet. Cash is king as our internet service in the library is slow as a sloth!

Shop the book fair online!

Volunteer Here

Donate to your Class!

Find the link to your teacher below to donate funds to them for the purchase of classroom books.


Padrnos -

Mancini -

Johnson -

Marchese -

1st Grade

Kaufman -

Martino -

Zimmerman -

Boutilier - Coming Soon

2nd Grade

McMillen -

McKenzie -

Schultz -

Wallace -

3rd Grade

Smith - 

Kramer -

Baird -

Wright -

4th Grade

Leuschner -

Poli -

Westra -

Jung -

Harrison - Coming Soon

5th Grade

Burggraff -

Russell -

Fleet -

Broecker -

Whitesell - Coming Soon

Golish - Coming Soon

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